Some changes in 2022

A new owner, Jean-Louis NAUDIN and Jean BOUTIN staying on his land are excellent news for the future harvests and new adventures to look forward to.

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How is the Muscadet?

After the long winter work in the vineyard, the Melon de Bourgogne reveals new buds.

And in the cellar … in January

The cellar is quiet during this period. The wines age quietly in the underground vats. We take time to taste them regularly. This year again, there will be some nice surprises to discover. 

Harvest 2022 …

This year the sun was generous. The early morning harvest allowed to protect the crop. The grapes were smaller and more concentrated. The wines are very promising. They will soon be available for tasting. You are welcome to visit us.

Feedback on the 2021 harvest

The crop was a little smaller than the previous years. Still, our Muscadet was at its best and was awarded a Gold Medal at the Vins Val de Loire contest last April. Our Grolleau also received the same distinction, all thanks to our winemaker Jean’s work of vinification.

The Grapes of Nantes

At our domain, Muscadet is the star. We also have two other grapes which are typical of the Nantes area. Next to our cellar, we have a plot of Sauvignon Gris a.k.a. Fié Gris, and Grolleau Gris, another grape renowned in Pays de Retz

Discover our winemaking cellar

This place is full of history. The typicity of our wines also resides in their vinification. In our cellar, we have 32 underground tanks from 26 to 160 hectolitres. Having vats of different dimensions allows us to work with 9 different grape varieties. The temperature is easier to regulate. Feel free to come and explore our cellar.

How is the Muscadet?

And in the cellar … in January